$ 1,299.00

Battery ULV cold fogger machine
Power: 350W, 24V DC
Medicine box capacity: 5.0L
Atomization Volume: 0~260 ml/min
Fog particle size: 5~100um
Spray range: 5-8 meters
Rpm: 32,000 rpm
Charging Time: 2hours
Working Time: 1hour
Gross Weight: 5.5kgs
Carton size: 49X28X26CM, 30x20x10CM
Specifications: Battery: MSDS certification; Power cord and plug: UL    Support OEM

Certificates/Accreditations: CE/FCC


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This fogger is designed for a wide range of fogging applications. From hospitals & clinics, schools & daycares to office buildings, this fogger can be used for disinfection particularly with Vital Oxide.

In addition, it is ideal for  outdoor parties, pool parties, events or hotel, at shopping malls, school, farm, warehouse, factory, animal health centres, and other public places disinfections.