The Clipper - WOA Consulting selling antimicrobial clothing

By Mel Stefaniuk, 

A local distributor is committed to offering certified personal protective equipment (PPE) to consumers in eastern Manitoba.

The WOA Consulting Group will be the first distributor in Manitoba to sell antimicrobial accessories and clothing made by the New Zealand-based manufacturing company AVIRO. AVIRO specializes in making enhanced everyday garments which help prevent the spread of dangerous germs through textile surfaces.

Their accessories and clothing are engineered with HeiQ Viroblock, a Swissdeveloped textile technology designed to inhibit the presence and growth of bacteria and enveloped viruses such as influenza and coronavirus. HeiQ Viroblock is added to the fabric of all AVIRO products in the final stage of manufacturing and offers a dual defence against pathogens. HeiQ vesicle technology targets the membrane surrounding the virus to expose and deactivate it while HeiQ silver technology inhibits the replication of bacteria. HeiQ Viroblock has been thoroughly tested for safety, sustainability and

environmental impact and is approved by Health Canada.

Products available include antimicrobial face masks, clothing and gloves. The face masks are designed for full-day comfort and contain antimicrobial

properties for up to three months or 15 washes. The antiviral gloves are fit with a self-sanitizing surface to provide up to 50 hours of use between washes and screen-responsive fabric which allows you to use touchscreens while wearing them. The clothing line includes an array of short and long-sleeve tee and polo shirts made from a breathable fabric which doesn’t retain moisture and is treated with the HeiQ Viroblock.

A member of the Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce, WOA Consulting Group started as an economic development consultancy business. Owner Anna Mondor said once she began to see the scary numbers associated with the spread of COVID-19, she knew she wanted to do something to help. “I want to offer certified products using the best technology that are still reasonably priced,” Mondor said.

The WOA Consulting Group has received a medical device establishment license issued by Health Canada. More information on the WOA Consulting Group and the certified antimicrobial equipment being sold as well as how to order can be found at www. Mondor can also be reached via email at or call 204-799-4928.

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